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  1. November is National Adoption Month. I have co authored a book with my birth sister Carole, Two Peas In A Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption available through We think our book will inspire adoptees thinking about searching for their birth parents and all adoptees in the process of reuniting. We feel that even if you are not in the adoption world this book will keep your interest.
    Carole and I decided that since we didn’t grow up together and didn’t really know anything about our past lives we would write it down. We liked what we saw and decided to continue writing about meeting each other and events following. This is how our book was born. We felt this book will help adoptees that can relate to all of the feeling of uncertainty and the unknown.
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    I am a member of several adoption Facebook pages and I have read some sad stories. I think these stories will deter adoptees from searching for their birth families. This could ruin potential happy reunions. We hope that our book will give adoptees, birth mothers, birth fathers, etc. hope in finding their loved one.