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Release Date: 07/28/15
Entangled Embrace New Adult

Summary from Goodreads:
Armed with her besties, an embarrassing number of shots, and her list of 10 Wild Things To Do Before Adulthood, recent grad Cameron Lawson is partying it up before she starts her dream job at New York's biggest ad agency. Her last task?  Hook up with a random guy. And while it's so not her style, the super-sexy guy sitting next to her is definitely game. No names. No details.At least, that was the plan.
On her first day of work, Cameron discovers her hook-up is none other than Aidan Truitt—her new boss's boss. Talk about failing the “no fraternizing with coworkers” policy on an epic level. Especially when Aidan makes it clear their one night was only the beginning. Falling for him could cost her everything, but sometimes the only way to get what you want is by breaking a few rules... Add it on Goodreads.


Rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve read every book by Melissa West and I can honestly say that it’s impossible to not love her books. I devoured No Kissing Allowed; I was sleep-deprived the next day. But when I have a book as good as this who needs sleep anyway? (Sleep? What sleep?) 

No Kissing Allowed is one of those books that would grip you from the start. I love every page and I adore the characters! Cameron Lawson is a strong, hardworking and driven woman. She’s one of those people who strives to be the best in everything she does. She’s a great heroine and I admire her greatly for being the kind of person who goes after what she wants and says exactly what she thinks. She’s funny, very independent, easily relatable and really stubborn. But most importantly, Cameron doesn’t take losing well. So when her friends give her a list of dares to do before she officially steps into the real world, she doesn’t back down. But that the-world-stopped-moving-on-its-axis kiss she shares (in the name of a dare) with a complete stranger? A hot, swoony complete stranger? Turns out the stranger’s no stranger. He’s her boss. 

Aidan Truitt is every girl’s dream. He’s charming, sweet and cocky with just the right amount of mystique to keep you intrigued. I was actually a bit disappointed that the book was told in Cameron’s POV only. I would have loved to read about Aidan’s thoughts. He seemed like the kind of guy who doesn’t exactly share everything and I have a feeling I would have enjoyed reading from his perspective. Also, is it just me or does Aidan remind anyone else of Connor Ryan from The Catching Kind (Caitie Quinn)? They’re both so intent on telling themselves that they don’t want the picket fence future but is obviously just lying to themselves. Aidan is a great character. I love his honesty, patience and protectiveness. 
And the flirty banter! How could I forget? From the moment they met, Aidan and Cameron had this undeniable chemistry and off-the-charts sexual tension. I was mentally banging my head when they both deny what’s clearly between them. 

No Kissing Allowed is an amazing book! It’s easy to lose yourself in the story and fall in love with the amazing set of characters. Cameron’s bestfriends, Lauren and Grace, although weren’t entirely in the story sounded like great people to know. And Cameron’s family especially her mom had a way of sneaking into you. I have a big family too so holidays are always filled with relatives seeing each other again after months (sometimes years) of no contact so I can relate. I like Gayle (she seemed like a cool character) and Alexa didn’t really make an impact on me. But what was with Trevor? I really thought there was a story there. But after the one chapter, he was completely forgotten. 
Most importantly though, I love the southern setting. The way the author so vividly described it, it truly felt like home. (I wanted to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with Cameron’s huge family myself.) 

I have always admired Melissa West’s writing style and after reading this book, I just love it even more! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next!


Melissa West writes heartfelt Southern romance and teen sci-fi romance, all with lots of kissing. Because who doesn't like kissing? She lives outside of Atlanta, GA with her husband and two daughters and spends most of her time writing, reading, or fueling her coffee addiction. Connect with Melissa at or on Twitter @MB_West. Connect with Melissa:  Website * Goodreads * Twitter * Facebook

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