ARC Review: THE HEARTBREAKERS (The Heartbreak Chronicles #1) by Ali Novak

(The Heartbreak Chronicles #1)

"When I met Oliver Perry, I had no clue he was the lead singer for The Heartbreakers. Unbeknownst to him, I was the only girl in the world who hated his music." 

Since Cara's health has been deteriorating, all Stella Walter can think about is trying to cheer her sister up. Her life revolves around Cara to the point where Stella drops out of one of the country's top photography programs so she can spend what little time she has left with her sick sister. 
With Cara's birthday around the corner, Stella wants to get her the perfect gift. An autographed poster of her sister's favorite boy band should do the trick. Sounds simple enough, right? But life isn't always so easy. 
Not only does Stella hate The Heartbreakers because of their terrible music, but when she realizes that the cute boy she met at Starbucks is really Oliver Perry, the lead singer of the band, her life seems to spin out of control... 

Will Stella be able to swallow her pride and get the autograph that she so desperately needs to make Cara happy? And will Oliver be able to show Stella how to live her own life again? 

Meet... The Heartbreakers.

Rating: 4 of 5 stars

I don't know what to say. This book caught me completely off guard. I've never read anything by Ali Novak and young adult contemporary where the heroine falls for the cocky, heartbreaker vocalist of the hottest boy band isn't usually right on my alley (I usually think them cliche, too unrealistic or overly dramatic), so I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up the book and couldn't stop reading.
Ali Novak's writing felt flawless. It was engaging and very humorous. You ever have that feeling of knowing that you're going to love a book just by reading the first chapter and you never want to put it down? Well that's how I felt. I got sucked in from the start and I never wanted to stop reading. 

Stella is a wonderful heroine. She's funny, sassy and relatable. I found it easy to sympathize with her. I too have siblings of my own. I'm the youngest of three and I have two older sisters. I tell them everything. I can't imagine how devastating it must feel to know that you may lose one of the most important person in your life. To know that one of these days you may never be able to speak to them again, argue with them or tell them about the new, hot boy in school. 
I really loved reading about the interactions between Cara, Stella and Drew. I felt just how deeply they care for each other and I love how they always got each other's backs. I think siblings are our very own fraternity brothers and sorority sisters without having to recruit them. And I loved it that Ali Novak wrote Stella, Cara and Drew's relationship in such an authentic and heartfelt way. 

I love everything about the book! Cara has cancer but it wasn't the whole focus of the story so that didn't make it all dark and sad. But I think that has mostly to do with The Heartbreakers band members who are adorable dorks. They were definitely what I didn't expect. They were effortlessly endearing and their quirky antics were just too funny not to love. I greatly enjoyed meeting and getting to know them. I love how the author gave each of them a part to play in helping Stella's character grow. They weren't introduced, tossed aside and forgotten. JJ especially has his own place in my heart. He's kinda like the little brother who is always up to no good but you can't help but love anyway. But Oliver... swoon. Why does every Oliver I meet so droolworthy? (Is this the universe's way of telling me something?!) 

If you're looking for a light ya contemporary that is sweet, hilarious and heartwarming, this book is definitely a must-read. (I learned that the next book is about Alec and damn it if I'm not excited.) 

I received a copy of the book via NetGalley to read and review.

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