Incessant Rambling: What I Got in the Mail Part II

Remember my Incessant Rambling: What I Got in the Mail post? Well, I promised a part 2 and here it is, finally! And yes, it took me that long to post this 'cause there's school stuff - studying, homeworks, quizzes - and then there's the personal stuff - like reading, sleeping, hobbies - and then there's Criminal Minds. Yep! I just finished watching Criminal Minds Season 8 and can I just say I love, love, love it?! So see, not much time for blogging, really.

Anyway, here's what I'm sharing -
Have you read this uber amazing book Gravity yet and read about Jackson and Ari? Well, one time I was stalking authors again - you know going to their fb page, Goodreads author page, official blog and such - and bam! I saw a post of Author Melissa West that says she's giving away a Gravity paperback. And the best part was that it was open to international readers! And then imagine my total shock and disappointment that the contest has been running for quite some time now and I missed a few days already to win the coveted price. Fast forward it to when the contest ends and then... 
I received an e-mail from Melissa West and do you know what it says? She said I won the effingly-awesome giveaway! I mean how lucky is that?!

And when the mail arrived? I was like O_O

and still like O_O a minute after...

'Cause you know what's in the package? 
Well, there isn't only the paperback copy of the book but also...


A shirt that fits me perfectly, a paperback copy of the book and a signed bookmark.

And if that's not enough, Melissa West signed it with a message to me! I mean, isn't that great or what? Huh, huh?!

And since I'm always excited when I receive stuff like this, I go all fangirl, text my friends (and make them jealous, lol) and take as many pictures as I can.

Here's the front of the shirt and it looks really badass with 'Gravity' on the front -

And on the back, it says 
Don't. Ever. Peek.

I would have taken a picture of me wearing the shirt (oh actually I did) but then I get shy sometimes and I decide against posting it here. So anyway, that's my haul and my latest win.

A very ginarmous thank you to Melissa West and can I just say I loved Gravity so much and I cannot wait to read Hover.

Here are the books -

Gravity (The Taking book 1)

In the future, only one rule will matter:

Don’t. Ever. Peek.

Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed — arrogant Jackson Locke, the most popular boy in her school. She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment, but instead, Jackson issues a challenge: help him, or everyone on Earth will die.

Ari knows she should report him, but everything about Jackson makes her question what she’s been taught about his kind. And against her instincts, she’s falling for him. But Ari isn’t just any girl, and Jackson wants more than her attention. She’s a military legacy who’s been trained by her father and exposed to war strategies and societal information no one can know — especially an alien spy, like Jackson. Giving Jackson the information he needs will betray her father and her country, but keeping silent will start a war.

Hover (The Taking book 2)

On Earth, seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander was taught to never peek, but if she hopes to survive life on her new planet, Loge, her eyes must never shut. 

Because in this world, pleasure is everything, held up by a ruling body that keeps their people in check by giving them what they want and closing their eyes to what's really happening around them. The only hope Loge has is to move its people to Earth, and they have a plan.

Thousands of humans crossed over to Loge after a poisonous neurotoxin released into Earth’s atmosphere, nearly killing them. They sought refuge in hopes of finding a new life, but what they became were slaves, built to siege war against their home planet. That is, unless Ari and Jackson can stop them. 

But on Loge, nothing is as it seems…and no one can be trusted.

Keep the books coming -

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  1. I love surprises in the mail and your's is such a beauty! Enjoy those books :D Their covers are absolutely stunning.