Incessant Rambling: Blogging a Giveaway!

Summer has just concluded. Time to burn the midnight oil (again) for my second year of college! I admit though, I'm super excited to start school and get to meet new faces. Now, here's me hoping I'd finally get to meet someone who loves to read books too, someone I can maybe fangirl with. Yep, my friends aren't much booklovers as I am and sometimes that's really disappointing (at least to me) 'cause I can't talk to them about books and such. *sigh* Good thing they're really good friends of mine or I would've looked for new people to mingle with, lol. Don't tell them I said that.

Anyway, enough with the chitchat. I'll get right on the part of what my blog post title talks about.
There are super awesome giveaways I have just entered and I'm sharing them here. Isn't that great or what?

First off, the giveaway being hosted at The Escapist. Never heard of it? Well I'm sure you have. See The Escapist is what used to be Michelle Shouts Random. 
See here?

Yep, the super great blog with lots of followers and the blog that I check out whenever I go "blog hunting". 
And with the new name, comes a new look... So go and visit the blog now and see the changes made. It looks totally cool and cute; I am quite envious indeed. And as for the giveaway I was talking about, just click on this link. It's actually part of her Blogoversary celebration so go visit the blog, say hi and congratulate her. And of course enter the giveaway!

And in case the links I've left are still not enough, just click on the images below.

This one -

The Escapist

And this -

The Escapist

Keep the books coming -

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