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(Rock Star Trilogy 1)

I'm Scarlett Ryan.

Yes, THAT Scarlett Ryan.

I live an extraordinary life: millionaire rock star, owner of exotic cars, pictures of me in every magazine, millions of fans, and a name that is recognized world wide. It's supposed to be my dream come true. But, my life IS a fantasy, and I want real. I want exciting. I want... NORMAL. So, I moved from California to Florida, hoping to obtain some normalcy. Instead I find...

Stephan Montgomery.

He's an arrogant jerk. Seriously, I hate him. I swear if he tells me one more blonde joke, I will punch him... again... Unfortunately I can't stop thinking about him, or his gorgeous green eyes. Trust me, I know that he's bad for me. If only my heart would listen.

I also find out that my parents have kept a LIFE CHANGING secret from me. I need to know the truth.

The harder I strive for normal, the stranger things seem to get.

(Rock Star Trilogy 2)

I left Hope – the only place I’ve ever felt at home. So now what? Where do I go from here?

When I left, I didn’t just leave my home. I left my friends, my sisters, and Stephan… I just found them. I can’t lose them now.

I know that I want to do MY music. I need to remember WHY I wanted to play music in the first place. And the only way to get that is by firing my dad, but that may be harder than I thought. 

On top of everything, I now have cameras following me around everywhere. Even my own home isn’t safe anymore. 

I’ve come to realize that normal will never be an option for me.

Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jaded (Rock Star trilogy 1) is a novel about love, family, fame, making choices and discovering yourself. I expected a lot from the book and although it wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be, I did enjoy reading it.
I don’t know if it’s just me but when I started reading the book, the number one thing that came to my mind is ‘The Vampire Diaries’ – I guess it had a lot to do with the two hot guys being brothers and one of them named Stephan. I assure you though, there are no vampires, werewolves or hybrids for that matter involved and there wasn’t really a love triangle with the girl being torn between the two equally gorgeous guys.

Anyway, what made me decide to read Jaded is its intriguing plot. And also because I’ve wanted to read one of Mercy Amare’s books for a long time now.
I liked that the book had such a light, playful feel to it. The protagonist, Scarlett Ryan, has an upbeat, strong, honest, sassy personality. What I loved about her is that she’s willing to still try and live a normal life even with all the fame she accomplished at a young age. She’s trying to discover herself and make something out of her passion. She’s a smartass with a fiery personality.
She seemed quite full of herself at times though. She is a rockstar, yes, and a popular one at that but I think it would have been nice to see a more grounded, humbled side to her. She wanted to try and take a shot at being “normal” but somehow she never forgot to remind herself and others that she’s a millionaire rockstar and she has fame. Having said that though, I can say that Scarlett is the type of person who is devoted to her friends and would do anything to protect them in whatever way she can. She’s always full of determination and I admire that about her.

What put me off about the book however is that I felt like everything was rushed. There was no buildup in the story and even in the romance. Scarlett and Stephan’s relationship felt like instant love. I didn’t exactly feel the giddiness I usually do when reading about these kinds of things and their chemistry was lost to me. I did enjoy reading their frisky, flirty interactions. It was always filled with tension and hot desire. And there are no two people more straightforward than Scarlett and Stephan.
I was mostly intrigued by Stephan though. I didn’t exactly fell head over heels in love with him but I admire his character. He’s inarguably unpredictable and spontaneous in what he does and says. He’s a gentleman and charming in his own way. There was never a dull moment with him around.

I’ve read tons of books with the “playboy, rockstar guys falling for the normal, oblivious girl” storyline but Jaded presented a story from a girl rockstar’s perspective that made it different and gave it its own twist.  
Jaded is a short, fun read with a tinge of drama. I do believe the book has a lot of potential and that it could have been better. And because of that, I would definitely love to see how the next book comes along. And with how things ended, it will definitely leave readers with a lot to look forward to.

I got a free ebook copy of the book from the author as part of the tour.

Jaded Excerpt #2.

“How does it feel to have all your dreams come true?”

I think for a minute. “Well, at first, it is amazing. People paying money to see me perform, asking for my autograph, taking my picture... It feels surreal. But then people start telling you what to do, and you have an image to keep up.” I shake my head. “Then you realize, your dream... it's... not at all what you pictured. I get sick of people telling me that I'm too fat, too thin, or that my boobs aren't big enough... You know my record company won't even let me dye my hair. It's in my contact. I feel like I have no control over my life. THAT is why I'm taking a break.”

“I think your boobs are fine.”

I throw my head back and laugh. “Wow, out of all of that, that is all you got out of it?”

“What can I say? I'm a guy, and you do have nice boobs.”

“Tell me, how are you single? You should have all the girl's swooning,” I joke.

“You think I say this to all the girls?” He shakes his head. “No way, only you babe.”

“So, Stephan, tell me... What is your dream?"
“I don't know yet,” he answers. “I'll let you know when I figure it out.”

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Mercy Amare is a YA/ NA author of the books: Don’t Tell, You Got Me, and the Rock Star Trilogy: Jaded, Faded, and Hated. She has a slight addiction to the TV series Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries. She's 23 years old, and currently lives in St Louis, with her husband of 2 years.

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