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The Blasphemy Box

“You know that nightmare you’ve always had? The one where you wake up one day to find yourself fat, frumpy, fifty and alone? I’m living it.” 

The Blasphemy Box     Maddy Nelson has an idyllic existence: a handsome husband, great kids, a comfortable, affluent lifestyle. One morning soon after she turns fifty, however, she wakes up in her San Francisco home to find her husband Steven announcing that he’s leaving her for a woman half her age. And a third of her size. Ouch! Feeling totally unmoored and grieving for her married life and husband, Maddy finds herself thrust into an unfamiliar and uncomfortable world of middle-aged singledom. 

There, she must come to terms with her situation and embark on her new life: divorce proceedings, single parenting, internet dating, and trying to earn a living. It’s enough to drive her over the brink. To help her cope, she shares her struggles in a smart, wry blog named The Blasphemy Box, after her ex-husband’s obnoxious habit of having her drop a quarter into a wooden box every time she said something off color. Her madcap middle-aged adventures find her devoted readers who identify with her challenges. In time, Maddy recreates herself and finds happiness in the arms of a good man, and a fulfilling new career as a novelist.

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The Blasphemy Box is a novel very far from the usual genre of books I read. I honestly wasn’t sold at first that I would like it, much less finish it, but I gave it a shot and I ended up truly liking it.

The Blasphemy Box is Maddy’s story. After twenty years of being married, she is now faced with divorce papers, lawyers, ex-husband with a new younger version of her, and a whole lot of other problems that come with a split-up marriage and well, aging. Reading Maddy’s thoughts and being privy to her feelings is quite refreshing. She is very honest and is just like a normal person who sometimes feels insecure. She’s a loving, devoted mom and I truly adore her character. She also has this way about her that sometimes I could picture her as a teenage girl instead of a fifty-year old mom with three kids. The narration had an upbeat, light, young adult feel to it and I think that’s what I really liked about the book. Also, I found myself looking forward to reading Maddy’s blog entries. It was fun and original and Maddy was just a natural at it.   
The concept of the ‘blasphemy box’ is something I can totally relate with. There was this one time when we had the same rule in the room I share with my sisters. Unfortunately for us, we often forget that we have that rule and we eventually stopped. But it sure did test one’s self control.

A surprisingly hilarious, delightful read that’s far from what I expected. The whole thing would take you by surprise - the plot, the writing and the lovely, amusing characters. One character in particular really stood out to me. Amanda, one of Maddy’s kids, has a very perceptive persona. She’s very sweet and for a kid her age, she has this profound, mature way of thinking.      
All the side characters played a part and added spice to the book. They have different, unique, interesting personalities and were all equally entertaining to read. Some would irritate you to no end and others you’d come to love and adore.

I admit I’m still young and far from getting married so I’d say I can’t entirely relate with the whole “divorce and being married subject” but book-loving moms would surely love and appreciate this. But also, since I’m a young adult girl with well, a mom, I’d say this would help young readers see their moms in a new light and appreciate them more than they already do now. The book would show just how undoubtedly self-sacrificing moms are and how they give a whole new meaning to “girl power”. The Blasphemy Box is about self-realization. About putting things into perspective and dealing with the drama, difficulties and romance life throws your way.
An insightful, soulful novel about family, love, acceptance and letting go. A book full of life lessons – a good, insightful read for both teens and moms alike!

About Author Mandy Behbehani

Mandy Behbehani grew up in England and now lives in California. She holds a journalism degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a professional journalist whose work has appeared in a variety of publications from the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle to W magazine, Town & Country magazine and Travel & Leisure magazine. 
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