Book Review: Chasing After Infinity

“As quick as a flash, he puts me up against the side of the building. My back hits the wall hard, enough to make my ears ring. His body pushes into mine, trapping me between his hands and the bricks. His breathing is uneven, his light breath stirring my hair. I wait for the eventual kiss, the moment where his lips meet mine hard and rough but he doesn’t do anything. A lump is in my throat. “Either kiss me or let me go,” I choke out. The same old tug of war is still raging and there’s nothing but a storm between us."

Ever since her mother’s death, Avena’s heart has become steel—tough, hardened…unbreakable. She refuses to let anything faze her; least of all, the school’s most notorious player, Adrian Huntington, with his jade eyes and aloof, sardonic charm that has all the girls swooning in his wake. When she becomes his next target, everything goes up in flames as they find themselves getting caught up in the game they created.

Chasing After Infinity by L. Jayne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two things that made me grab this book and read it: One, I liked the blurb. Everyone knows I’m a romantic at heart and I’m a big fan of we’re-two-very-different-people-but-we-fell-in-love-and-it’s-undeniably-scary-and-beautiful-at-the-same-time stories. Two, there are so many mixed reviews about the book I just can’t help but read it and pass my own judgment.
I read it. And I liked it.

Chasing After Infinity is about Avena and Adrian – their struggles and how they found love with each other however unexpected and imperfect. Avena and Adrian are two very different people yet they can’t deny the intense pull between them when they’re around each other.

Avena is impulsive, independent, smartass and fiery. The kind of girl who could (and would) throw a punch. Despite her tough exterior however is a broken girl. She shut the whole world out when her mom died. Ever since, everything just fell apart – her life, her heart, who she is. She chose to be numb and distant to avoid feeling and getting hurt.
Enter Adrian Huntington. And honestly, my first thoughts about him went like this: Adrian is a jerk. Not like a jerk in a gentlemanly, charming way (no matter how ironic that sounds) who only does it to aggravate the girl and make her fall for him in the end. Nope, Adrian is a jerk. But you know what? After further reading, I totally changed my mind.
Adrian is a renowned player, a heartbreaker, an asshat, a rule-breaker and hot. Did I mention hot? He’s cocky, arrogant, indifferent... the usual. The kind of guy girls go crazy over. He is just the guy to lure you in, make you fall for him then break your heart and stomp all over it. The kind of guy who hides behind a cold, seemingly perfect façade what’s real and broken inside.

Chasing After Infinity is heavy with raw emotion and drama. I loved the plot – how it flowed and the way it was written with so much honesty and clarity. It took its time and has its defining moments.
I completely fell for the chemistry between Avena and Adrian. There was never a dull moment with those two. They are always so full of tension and conviction and passion. They keep on circling each other and denying what they obviously have. They are both infuriatingly stubborn and yet they’re so cute and perfect for each other.

A song that I thinkis very fitting for Adrian and Avena's relationship - It Is What It Is (Lifehouse)

Too long we've been denying, now we're both tired of trying
We hit a wall and we can't get over it
Nothing to relive, it's water under the bridge
You said it, I get it, I guess it is what it is

I was only trying to bury the pain
But I made you cry and I can't stop the crying
Was only trying to save me but I lost you again
Now there's only lying, wish I could say it's only me

I liked reading Chasing After Infinity a lot. But I have to give it a four-star rating (instead of five) because of some inconsistencies in the story and in the book.
I don’t get why they only had the memorial service after over a year. Really, I don’t get that. There were also some grammatical errors (although I barely noticed them), like say, a shift in person which takes out the meaning of the sentence, few omitted and misuse of words specifically prepositions.
Also, I feel like the minor characters weren’t given much thought. They didn’t have much of a story and depth. I found some parts of the story unrealistic too. I cannot believe any guy in his right mind would beat up a helpless girl much less join in forces to do just that.
Lastly, I feel like there’s still so much left unresolved. What happened when Adrian looked for his mom? Does Avena and her dad had some sort of closure and came to terms with what happened? And what of some of the minor characters?
There was at least an epilogue so that makes up for half of my concerns. It was perfect and heartbreaking.

Chasing After Infinity deals with serious issues of drugs, sex, alcohol, abuse and violence. Recommended for more mature audience.

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