Incessant Rambling: Bloggin' a Giveaway

One thing people don't know about me is that I'm.. gay. Kidding! I got you there, didn't I?

Anyway, what I'm supposed to say is I'm a big, big fan of Giveaways. I enter any giveaway that comes my way and holy hell weasel are they many..

So.. Now I'm about to share and blog about one of the giveaways I most recently entered. *drum roll* (And boy, am I serious - there's drum rolling in the background. Oh and are there birds singing, stars twinkling? Disappointingly, there are not.) Okay, I should probably get on to the point.

On to the point - There's this huge giveaway hosted at The Hollow Cupboards for reaching 1,000 followers. How I wish I knew the feeling. Oh well, there's no point in sulking about it - I only have 972 followers to go, O_O (now that's, like, huge) *sigh*

So, on to the point. Again. Which reminds me.. Does anyone of you watch Arrow? It's just this greatest tv show series in the world and it's kinda like a modern Robin Hood or something. But with the whole killing part, stranded on an island thing going on, probably not? Anyway, it's now my top most favorite tv show. The Vampire Diaries used to be my number one but with everything that happened.. You should know that I'm a solid Stelena fan and well, oh you know what I mean. Or then again, maybe not?

Oh heck, is that the time? I should totally get a hold on myself.

And here it goes - 1,000 Followers Giveaway is being hosted at The Hollow Cupboards blog and it's open INTERNATIONALLY and to US/CAN residents. And as a not US/CAN resident myself, this is great news!

What's up for grabs, you say? Visit the The Hollow Cupboards blog and you'll know!

And that's it - I finally said it. And yep, in case you're wondering, I am a huge fan of How I Met Your Mother. It's just a cool, humorous show everyone should watch. It makes one's crappy day, slightly crappy. Ha! It sure does.

And.. Here's a thought - I vote for changing my "blog look". Yep, and I'm thinking how about a signature? Yes, yes? 

And that's a wrap everyone! Great day ahead, earthlings! The Holiday's coming..

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