Book Review: Dolmarehn (The Otherworld Trilogy 2)

"Do you trust me Meghan?"

His voice was soft, almost pleading. I swallowed and tried hard to discern his expression in the dark. The paltry amount of light reaching this far into the small cavern glinted off his eyes, giving him the appearance of a demon trying to tempt me into doing something evil.

“Yes,” I answered, my own voice a mere whisper, “I trust you.”


A year ago, Meghan Elam learned that she was Faelorehn, a being of the Otherworld. Immortal. Now she must juggle her life in the mortal world with the one she has started to build in the Otherworld. However, keeping her identity secret from her friends and family while trying to avoid a wrathful Celtic goddess is no easy task.

With the help of the intriguing Cade MacRoich, Meghan will learn that not only does she come from a place full of magic and wonder but that she, too, is far more powerful than she ever thought possible.

He gave my hand a quick squeeze, and then I was pulled forward into the icy abyss that loomed before us . . .

Book Review
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

            Alas! I’ve waited long enough to read Dolmarehn and lemme tell ya, it did not disappoint!
First and foremost, I absolutely love Dolmarehn better than I did Faelorehn. As compared to the first book, Dolmarehn has so much more packed for us readers. There are a lot of new characters introduced and we would finally visit and see Eile like never before. Miss Johnson created a very vivid magical world you’d wish you’ve been to (yep, even with all the vile creatures roaming around, ready to eat-slash-kill you).

There’s also a lot of Celtic mythology involved that would pique reader’s interest and I just love reading and knowing about those stuff. Dolmarehn is also a time of discovery for Meghan. She’d finally know her biological parents and unlock her powers and the secrets behind her origin. Not only that, we would also learn more about Cade – the secrets he keep and who/what he really is. (And is it possible I love Cade even more after reading Dolmarehn? *squeals!*) Also, there will be more of Meghan and Cade moments here. You’d see how much they really like each other no matter how hard they refuse to admit it and that leads to ‘aawww’ sweet moments.

Dolmarehn is all parts romance, adventure, fun and excitement that would keep you on the edge of your seat. It would definitely keep you asking for more..You just have to read this book to see for yourself! It’s [a million times] worth it..

P.S.: There’s a third book and it’s called Luathara!

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