Book Review: Faelorehn (Otherword Trilogy 1)

I never heard him come after me and even as I climbed the slope and stumbled onto our shaded back lawn, I didn’t look back. It was like the day the gnomes chased me all over again, but this time I was not escaping some horrible little creatures, I was fleeing from an incredibly good-looking guy who could very well understand me completely. I was either saving myself from that serial killer I always imagined lived down in the swamp, or I had finally gone over the deep end . . .

Meghan Elam has been strange her entire life: her eyes have this odd habit of changing color and she sees and hears things no one else does. When the visions and voices in her head start to get worse, she is convinced that her parents will want to drag her off to another psychiatrist. That is, until the mysterious Cade MacRoich shows up out of nowhere with an explanation of his own.

Cade brings her news of another realm where goblins and gnomes are the norm, a place where whispering spirits exist in the very earth, and a world where Meghan just might find the answers she has always sought.

Book Review
Rating: 4 (out of 5)

        I'm so glad I got a chance to read (and review) this book which Ms. Jenna has generously given through the We <3 YA books group on Goodreads. Faelorehn was actually the first book of Ms. Jenna's that I read and I don't normally read books that involve fae and such, but I'm so incredibly happy that I read it and gave it a shot.

       Faelorehn revolves around Meghan Elam, an unusually trustworthy, gutsy and independent heroine. She is not your average normal girl, what with her hearing voices and seeing things no one else but her can. She has always been different and picked on because of that. Meghan has a very likable personality. Even with all that's happening around her (the normal and the not-so-normal), she still presents herself as one tough girl. She has a candid personality who has the tendency to act on instinct [and most of the time get herself in trouble because of it].

       Reading Faelorehn was a nice time-out for me from reading all the angels/vampire/witch books out there. I'm not totally fond of reading books with fae in them, but reading Faelorehn has totally changed my mind. (I might just find myself reading more fae books now and again, hmm)
Anyway, Faelorehn is a definite must-read book. Yes, I found it quite slow-paced at the beginning but it started to pick up pace through the middle and that's when it started to become really interesting. It was nice to see how the whole plot involved the Celtic history and such since I really don't know much about them. Ms. Jenna created a story that will pique reader's interest and a whole new world that will suck you in. Though it felt to me like we didn't get enough glimpse of "Otherworld" and was left hanging, so now I'm left wanting more.
The characters too held intrigue and interest and they were all equally fun to read. I especially want to see more of Meghan's brother, Aiden. I feel like there's something more to him than that. But of course I especially love Caden's character. There's still so much mystery surrounding him and what his true identity and intentions truly are. I so badly want to read the next book just to have more of him..

I cannot wait to read the second book of the Otherworld trilogy!

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