Book Review: Dark Seeker (Seeker)


She's the Seeker. He's the hunted. What's at stake could kill them both...

For 17-year-old Seeker, Janie Grey, ridding the Baltimore streets of the undead is an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. Seeker Training Lesson #1: Never trust the undead. After her father’s tragic death, Janie creates her own life lesson: Love isn’t worth the risk. Both lessons are easy to follow until she encounters the flawed Kai Sterdam. At first, she believes he is the hybrid she is trained to hunt. But, when he has human traits, she determines she doesn’t know what he is. As Janie’s intrigue over who Kai is pushes her deeper into his mysterious past, she discovers a shocking truth that is even more harrowing than the evil they are up against. It’s a secret Kai wants to keep hidden, especially from Janie. 

Book Review
Rating:   5 (out of 5)

      Dark Seeker is superb! A great book to start off a great series. Taryn Browning did a wonderful job of putting a whole new twist in the way we see vampires. Browning created a world that would surely lure you in. This is another one of those rarely-found un-put-down-able books; you’ll just love it!
     Janie Grey is one tough, kick ass character (and I mean that both figuratively and literally). She has been raised and trained to protect humans from “Daychildren” – humans that became demons because of fallen angels possessing them and then they are turned into vampires, they’re basically a hybrid of some sorts (but to make that less confusing, in short it means, humans-turned-demons-turned-vampires). Anyway, back to our ass kicking heroine. Janie is impulsive and infuriatingly stubborn with a lot of determination. She lost his father when she was still young and from then on, she decided she’ll never get anyone get too close to her to avoid [another] heartbreak if she loses them. That is, until Kai Sterdam shows up and rescues her. Kai is not what Janie expected. She should’ve killed him from the first moment they met (which is the rational, sane thing to do) but for some reason she didn’t. And ever since that encounter Kai seems to pop out anywhere she goes and whenever she needs help the most. But there are a lot of things Janie doesn’t know about Kai. And some of these may be better left off a mystery. Kai Sterdam is one gorgeously hot guy. He is always so sure of himself and he can be overly annoying. But with that said, he’s really charming who knows just the right thing to say. He is absolutely, incredibly sawooon worthy.
     Dark Seeker is a well-written story with a unique plot. Browning created a very interesting storyline with equally riveting characters to go with it. And I thought that it was cool that for once I’ve read a book wherein the family is part of the whole” ridding the world of vampires” thing. I mean I’ve come across a lot of vampire books, and it’s nice to see that the heroine isn’t sneaking up on her family or friends and keeping a huge secret that a vampire world exists out there. I guess it was kinda refreshing to say the least. What bothered me though is how the humans (well, at least, one human in particular) eagerly accepted all that is said to them. I mean, come on, no doubts at all? They should have at least once thought “Ooh, this one’s crazy” and then after much thinking and consideration, then they will believe. I just find it somewhat weird in a way. Oh and one more thing, I found it hard to believe how Janie and Kai’s feelings for each other blossomed that fast. One moment they were not even friends and then *snap of the finger* they’re in love. I guess what I’m saying is that I didn’t see how the “love” developed. It was like in fast forward or somethin’. But nevertheless, it did not stop me from loving this book!

     Dark Seeker is just terrific! I’m glad that as soon as I saw this book, I immediately went searching for it and read it the instant I found it. This book is just full of wit, excitement and romance I just savored every bit of it and now I want more!! When is the second book coming out anyway? I cannot wait!

My favorite line/s from the book –

“Isn’t that always how it happens? We never fall in love with the right person. They’re either too different or already hold a place in someone else’s heart. You don’t even know how you feel until it’s too late to do anything about it.”

”You don’t know what you can’t live without until it’s gone.”

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